About Our Company



PT Fitrah Ekamulia was established in 1991. Since then, PT Fitrah Ekamulia has grown progressively to be one of the leading medical equipment distributor in Indonesia.



To be one of the leading companies in the healthcare industry in Indonesia and by providing world class equipments and through effective, efficient and excellent services,
that enhance the quality of human life, we deliver our customers, suppliers and partners a qualified satisfaction.



We always deliver high quality products from our partners. PT Fitrah Ekamulia is proud to be the exclusive distributor for the following brands:

  • Ulrich Medical - Germany :  tourniquets
  • NDD - Swiss :  spirometers, DLCO, FRC
  • RMS Endoskopie Technik - Germany : video endoscopy system 
  • Rimec - Italy :  CPM for upper and lower limb
  • 3A HealthCare - Italy : suction pump, nebulizer
  • Heinemann - Germany :  ENT Treatment units